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Bold and Beautiful is an informal group who meet at the front of Manly Lifesaving Club and swim at 7am, 7 days a week from Manly to Shelly Beach and back, approximately 750 metres each way.
Each swimmer has a personal responsibility to decide whether or not they swim on any particular day. They should only swim if they are completely confident about the conditions of the surf, ocean and weather that they are choosing to swim in as ocean swimming can be a dangerous recreational activity.
All swimmers have a personal responsibility to determine that they have the physical condition to enter into and complete a swim safely without any water safety assistance from other swimmers or the group as a whole. If a swimmer has any existing physical condition or any doubt as to their ability to complete a swim they should have a medical check-up first.
Swimmers under the age of 18 should only swim if accompanied by a parent or a person who has parental responsibility for them.
Swimmers should be aware that there is no water safety nor insurance in the event of sustaining injury etc
If you choose to swim at any other time or on any other route, be it with Bold & Beautiful, or with friends whom you have made through Bold and Beautiful, the same applies. Bold and Beautiful is owned and operated by Bold and Beautiful Swim Squad Pty Ltd.
Swimmer of the day Tim Scouller
Tim has swum with Manly B&B since 27th Dec 2013 recording 2 Manly to Queenscliff Return The Bolderdash, 78 Manly to Shelly Return Double, 1179 Manly to Shelly Return and 4 Manly to Shelly Return Triple, giving a grand total of 1.98million m. Tim has averaged 1.5km per day this month compared to 1.0km last month. Tim is placed 90th in the challenge, needing to swim a slightly tough 5.5km to match Rhonda Lowe. Chasing Tim is Greg Taranto needing to swim an extra 17.0km.
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Sarah Worpole
Up 126 places
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Amy Firth
Up 965 places
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Sue Marinan
Swam 101.5km
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